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  Floods are a natural phenomenon which happens often. Floods are caused by the overflow of water from water bodies such as rivers, lakes or oceans and by the heavy and prolonged rain. People that have to face heavy downpours for several days or weeks will likely suffer due to heavy flooding.

  Floods may cause loss of lives. Millions of people have to endure living their life without their loved ones. Furthermore, floods also causes damage. Not only will our property and livestock be harmed, but buildings and power lines too. This will definitely lead to a great loss. On top of this, during floods the percentage of clean water will be low. Instead, the water will be highly contaminated making the possibility of citizens to get ill high. Not to mention waterborne diseases such as cholera and Leptospira that usually spreads during floods are very dangerous.

  Next, it is highly advised that if you live in an area where flooding always takes place, it is best to move to a higher ground. This is to avoid contact with the floodwaters. Furthermore, attempting to walk through flowing waters or drive through flooded roads is not a wise action. This is because floodwaters may be deeper than it appears and road surfaces may be washed away leaving deep holes. Therefore, finding other ways which are free from floodwaters is the best option.

  Consequently, in order to prevent floods from happening, the government, parents and schools should take part in educating the younger generation by telling them about the danger of floods, what causes them and what can be done to minimize its impact. Besides that, by building sea walls and tide gates, it can prevent tidal waves from pushing the water up ashore. Using sand bags also comes in handy when placing them in strategic places because it may retain floodwaters.

  In a nutshell, floods are a natural phenomenon that we cannot avoid. We should always be aware and prepared to face this natural phenomenon that has been happening around the globe.